Farris Engraving produces custom high performance Metalphoto plates for use as identification tags, signs, and plaques. Metalphoto plates not only look amazing, but they are guaranteed to be outdoor-durable for a minimum of 20 years. They are resistant to sunlight, wind, water and saltwater and can withstand chemicals, fire, rust and abrasion. We stock .020” sunfast gold and .020” satin silver 12”x20” sheet stock for projects with quick turn times. In addition, we proudly resell Metalphoto with a maximum plate size of 24”x40”x1/8”. Please contact us for custom quotes and lead times.

Reverse etched bronze with beveled edge


Color is black on natural or gold anodized metal. Additional colors are available through screen printing. If you are looking for full color UV stable outdoor aluminum signage options please contact us.



is a semi-gloss, medium reflectance finish. This finish is widely specified for identification plate, panel front and metal label applications.


offers a nonreflective surface with a dull or frosted appearance. This finish is widely specified where a nonglare surface is desirable. This is the preferred finish for bar code applications.


is a coarse brushed finish with directional scratch lines. This finish resembles #4 stainless steel in appearance.


is ideal for identification plate applications where a lustrous finish is desired.


Black, Silver, Sunfast Gold and Classic Gold may be used outdoors. Other colors and combinations are available for indoor or use.

Size and Thickness

Matte, Satin and #4 available up to 24”x40”, Gloss up to 12"x20".Matte and Satin available in .003”, .005”, .008”, .012” .020”, .032”, .039”, .063”, .090” and.125”. #4 available in .032”, .063”, .090” and.125”. Gloss is only available in .020"

Etched Aluminum Etched Bronze Etched Brass Etched Stainless Steel Etched Copper